Cafe Menu

Oodies for Foodies

We’ve lovingly put together some unexpected combinations of mostly local produce and other awesome ingredients on our menu. With our years of experience and serious creativity, we can cater to the tastes and dietary restrictions of just about anyone who walks through our doors. Diabetic? We’ve got just the thing! Plant-based or seasoned carnivore? We make meals that can rock your world either way because we put our heart and soul into the process of getting them juuuuuust right.

At Oodies, breakfast has no time restrictions and there’ll always be yummy treats in the display cabinet to catch your eye. You can have a fresh, delicious salad that won’t wilt seconds after it reaches the table or a hefty, mouthwatering burger with all the extras by request. We’re not about shoving you into a culinary box where you don’t belong. Come as you are and let us feed you what YOU like.

All Day Breakfast

Big Breakfast

Bacon, Eggs (poached or fried), chipolatas, Fried Cherry Tomato, Mushrooms, Hashbrown & Sourdough Toast


Oodies Breakfast

Homemade Beans, Spinach Leaves, Fried Cherry Tomato, Mushrooms, Crumbed Sweet potato & Chickpea balls, Cashew Mustard Sauce, Hashbrown, Quinoa slaw & Sourdough Toast

$26.95 (V)

Breakfast Bruschetta

Avocado on toasted sourdough w/ cherry tomato, parsley, red onion, crumbled feta, parmesan cheese & balsamic drizzle. 


Chorizo Eggs Bene

Fried chorizo, cherry tomato, spinach leaves, poached eggs & Paprika Hollandaise


Eggs Bene Bacon

Bacon, spinach leaves, poached eggs, brioche toast and hollandaise


Eggs Bene Mushroom

Garlic Mushrooms, spinach leaves, poached eggs, brioche toast and hollandaise


Eggs Bene Salmon

Salmon, spinach leaves, brioche toast and hollandaise


Zucchini & Corn Fritter Bites

Three bites w/ quinoa slaw, fried egg & tomato chilli jam


The Breaky Melt

Chorizo, haloumi, cherry tomato, red onion & cheese grilled on Turkish w/ Paprika Holly & served with poached egg and Hashbrown


Bacon & Eggs

Bacon, two eggs (poached or fried) w/ sourdough toast 


oodies granola

Made by us! Served with drizzle of honey, Greek yoghurt & seasonal fruit


bacon & cheese croissant


jaffle & waffle fries

Savoury Mince & cheese.

Oodies Beans & cheese.


Oodies Homemade Beans

Served with a poached egg

& sourdough toast

$20.00 (V)

Oodies Homemade Savoury Mince

Served with a poached egg

& sourdough toast


The Pancake Stack


(3) served w/ maple syrup & ice cream


Kids Mini Pancakes

(3) served w/ maple syrup & ice cream


Breakfast Wrap

Bacon, fried eggs, cheese & BBQ sauce in a toasted tortilla wrap


Oodies Burgers

Served with side of fries

Crumbed Chicken & Bacon Burger

Crumbed Chicken, bacon, caramelised onion, leaves, Tangy Mayo, & cheese on a toasted Brioche bun served w/ chips


Steak burger

Rib fillet steak, caramelised onion, beetroot, leafy greens, fried egg, tomato, special BBQ sauce & cheese on a toasted brioche bun


Works Burger

Own beef pattie, bacon, fried egg, cheese, caramelised onion, sliced tomato, beetroot, leaves & special BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun


Oodies Slider & Fries

your choice of single slider. Extra slider $5 each.


Crumbed sweet potato chickpea balls, tomato, beetroot, spinach, cheese & special sauce on brioche bun



Bacon, leaves, sliced tomato & special sauce on brioche bun


Oodies Salads


Rib fillet steak, sweet potato, red onion, haloumi, pepitas, cashews, craisins, greens & maple mustard dressing

$22.00 (gf)

Chicken Chorizo

Marinated chicken pieces, grilled chorizo, chickpeas, cherry tomato, red onion, cashews, greens & maple mustard dressing

$19.00 (gf)

Nuts About

Grilled Chicken Breast, quinoa, feta, cherry tomato, sweet potato, walnuts, greens & maple mustard dressing

$19.00 (gf)

Quinoa & Sweet Potato

Quinoa, sweet potato, chickpeas, haloumi, coconut flakes, red onion, parsley, pepitas, cashews, craisins, greens & maple mustard dressing

$18.00 (gf) (V)

Oodies open melts

Served with side of waffle fries

Sweet potato

Red onion, feta, walnuts, honey

$18.50 (V)

Chicken & Haloumi

Red onion, parmesan, cherry tomato, aioli


Chicken & Bacon

Parmesan & special Oodies mayo


Drinks at Oodies


Cappucino | Latte | Flat White |Long Black | Mocha |Hot Chocolate |Chai Latte

S $4.90 | M $5.50 | l $5.90 | J $7.00



Baby Cino


Specialty Milks


Bonsoy | Coconut | Almond | Oat | Macadamia | Lactose Free


$0.50 | $1.00

Caramel | Vanilla | Hazelnut | Butterscotch 


English Breakfast – Traditional black tea

Earl Grey – Traditional with a marigold & citrus burst

Malabar Chai – Spicy & complex

Lemongrass & Ginger – Citrus overtones with a subtle spicy finish

Honeydew Green – Green tea with highlights of melon and apricot

Spring Green – Pure green tea with a floral zest kick

Peppermint – Minty and fresh

for one $5.00 for two $9.50

Cold Drinks

Cold Brew Latte Over Ice | Cold Brew Long Black Over Ice | Chai Over Ice | Mocha Over Ice


Iced Coffee| Iced Mocha

served with ice cream & whipped cream


Chocolate | Caramel | Vanilla |Strawberry | Coffee | Mocha | Butterscotch | Chai

Milkshake $7.00 | Thickshake $9.00

Alchemy Range

Alchemy Frappulicious Frappes (Dairy Free)
Pomegranate & Raspberry | Mango, Guava, Lychee


Splice with Icecream +1.00

Alchemy Sparkling Iced Tea
Lemon | Peach | Cucumber & Mint



MAD ABOUT MANGO (Mango, Papaya, Orange juice) DF

STRAWBERRY FANTASY (Strawberry, Banana, Oat milk, Maple, Cinnamon) DF

GREEN (Banana, Kale, Mango, Lemongrass, Coconut milk, Maple) DF

$8.50 (V)

From The Fridge

Coke | Coke No Sugar | Mount Franklin Sparkling Water | Mount Franklin Still Water

$4.50 / $6.50

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
Burgundee | Ginger Beer | Guava | Lemon Lime Bitters | Sarsparilla | Traditional Lemonade


Noah Juice Range
Please check the fridge or ask a team member about the varieties available today


Hoti Kombucha
Please check the fridge or ask a team member about the varieties available today


Our Display Case has a wonderful
arrangement of light and sweet options.

Please check in-house for Daily Menu Specials.

Whilst we try our best to meet all dietary requirements, please note that we are Not A Gluten Free Environment.

However, if you are Coeliac, we can cater for you. Please make us aware when you are ordering.

We have many Vegetarian (V) and Vegan options available and most of our meals are customisable to meet special dietary requirements.

Please ask one of our team members for assistance when ordering.