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What does it mean when someone says original singer/songwriter? Are they country, are they rock, are they blues, are they folk? Do they do old school slim dusty, trucking songs, drought or flooding rain songs, my-baby-did-me-wrong songs? Well, they could be any of those things or none of those things or an amazing fusion of all things Australian. They are the modern-day balladeers bringing their vision of this amazing country to life with music.

For us here at Oodies, their music is the music of the people. It makes you tap your feet, it can make you cry, it touches you, it makes you go, oh yes, I’ve been there, done that. Music keeps evolving with every generation of new songwriters who sing the stories of their lives, songs of the city, songs of the country, gritty, funny, heart-wrenching stories that we can all relate to on some level if we allow ourselves to.

Right now, out there, travelling the roads in beat-up old camper vans, dodgy buses or cars with baby seats in the back, there are very talented people with things to say. Why not listen to these people who pour their hearts and souls into their music? It may not be exactly what you are used to but maybe you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You may just have the time of your life!

Would you love the opportunity to just sit back in an intimate setting and maybe expand your music horizons? Then you are in luck. These events are ticketed and available via this website. You can also join our VIP mailing list to be the first to hear about our shows. Just don’t wait too long as tickets sell very fast and capacity is limited. We are now a fully licensed venue (no longer BYO) and dinner is available from 5.30pm.

If you are not sure who the artists are, you’re free to Google them but, in our opinion, nothing beats getting up close and personal with these guys. Here’s to new songs, new stories and real-life experiences.

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